Patti Henning - Instructor - 2018

I have been curling since 1986.  When I was first trained, the trainer did a good job, but there were areas that I felt I didn’t know how to change or improve. I had taken some clinics over the years, but still did not feel as confident as I had wanted. After taking the Tri-Plane method, so many things clicked into place. My personal curling delivery was at the best it has ever been and now I feel I can pass this knowledge on to the people I train in the roaring game of curling.

Clay Osterhaus - Instructor - 2019

I want to  thank John for working with me and teaching me how to teach with the Tri- plane. Although I'm not a master at it like he is, the Tri-plane has made my first year of coaching high school curling much easier and more successful than it probably would have been otherwise. The ability to explain to the kids the terms and go forward from there with a baseline of what we were looking for was extremely crucial the first few weeks as I had ten new or almost new curlers and about 8 with various levels of experience.


I also would like to give the Tri-Plane credit for completely changing my approach to how I personally play the game just with the suggestions John had for my delivery. I've found that this season I'm much more consistent with weight and line. The biggest change for me is my ability to make draws with very little effort. I used to play more hits just because I wasn't confident in my draw weight. Now I can throw a 6 second peel followed by a draw and make both with confidence. In the same respect I can throw guards and down weight hits much more often so my strategy has completely changed.

Steve Hafeman and Team - 2018

Our team had a one hour lesson with John Benton focusing on the technical aspects of the delivery and the impact on our game was nothing but amazing. John’s ability to break down the details involved in creating a consistent delivery is a valuable investment for curlers of all levels! If you are looking for ways to improve your shot accuracy I strongly recommend you reach out to John!


Ryan Chapiewsky  - 2018

I wanted to thank you for teaching the camp last weekend. I learned lot regarding my delivery. Coming from a learn to curl and the 8 week instructional league about 3 years ago I didn't feel like I had any direction on how to get more consistent with my shots and was just winging it each time I played. We played league on Monday night and while there was still some issues with balance I had a fair amount of shots where I felt my support plane was correct which allowed me to concentrate more on my shot vs my balance.

Bob Tessman - 2019

I have just started taking my lessons with John. I am extremely pleased with the progress we have made in just a very short amount of time together. John is an excellent instructor and he has a wonderful teaching program in place. The best thing I have found in working with John is that he is very adaptive with his teaching style and is willing to work with the foundation that you have in place. I would highly recommend John’s teaching to curlers of all levels, I believe they would find it very beneficial to their game.

Shawn Banyai - 2019

John has been very helpful with improving my delivery.   He is very detailed and has been able to spot several areas to improve.  I plan to continue to work with him throughout the summer and have recommended him to several friends.  I enjoy his approach and he describes what is needed in a way that is easy to understand.  I can’t wait for next season.

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