Our 40+ years of involvement in curling from playing, coaching, administration, and facility management gives Cold Granite the most diverse portfolio of experience in the market. Our experience at the City, State, National and International levels offers the most unique and informed perspective in the sport. 
Whether you are in an existing facility or arena and looking to grow, or looking to move from an arena to a dedicated facility, or building a new facility and club from scratch, we can help you in every phase of your project from start to finish
Below are just a few areas where our knowledge can be most beneficial:
- Best Practice in Business models, Budgeting, and ongoing operational considerations.
- Best Practice in Design Concepts and Considerations.
- Club Formation, Growth, and Sustainability.
- Marketing, Advertising, and Promotions.
- Presenting to Municipalities, Investors and Sponsors.
Contact us today to find out more and get your project moving!

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